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    Vincent Zambrano Interviews Joseph Gerard Sabatino

    Close your eyes, imagine the scent and taste of the cool yet damp stagnant summer air while walking the grounds outdoors in the evening. Recall the seemingly invisible yet actual traces of the viscous and etheral line-work left behind by a small arachnid awaiting your unexpected disturbance. (Untitled) Mulberry Tree – Resurrected, one of two installations Joseph Gerard Sabatino will have on view simultaneously, aims to converge natural phenomena with industrial reals through use of sweeping line work and materials of domesticity.

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    Maria Kreyn: Messengers

    Maria Kreyn. The process of her work examined in preparation for her exhibition at Galleri Pan in Oslo, Norway. “Messengers” runs August 4th through August 28th.

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    Mana Contemporary Gallery Promo

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    A Conversation with Kim Dorland

    Toronto based artist Kim Dorland sits down with Vincent Zambrano to discuss his latest series and show at Mike Weiss Gallery.

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