• Martin Wittfooth interview by Vincent Zambrano

    Martin Wittfooth was born in Toronto in 1981, and spent most of his childhood in Finland, moving back to Toronto in 1993 where he earned his BAA from Sheridan College in 2003. He now lives in New York City, where he earned his MFA at the School of Visual Arts. His paintings explore disquieting themes of industry and nature, unhinged evolution, the clash of old ideologies with modern fears, and growing shadow of the human footprint on earth. Set in atmospheric landscapes rendered over many paint layers on canvas, linen, or wood panels, these themes are realized through a combination of symbolism, the juxtapostion of visual narratives, and the displacement of expected realities.

  • Photorealism At the Thyssen-Bornemisza

  • Christopher Pugliese: The Diego Salazar Gallery

    The Diego Salazar Gallery, opening Thursday April 4 from 6-9pm

    The Diego Salazar Gallery

  • A Conversation with Christopher Winter Pugliese. from Leland James on Vimeo.

    A Conversation with Christopher Winter Pugliese.

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